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Amy has degrees from Berea College, Western Carolina University, and Eastern Kentucky University in Psychology and Special Education. She was a Special Education teacher for 8 years and is now able to make her art, jewelry, and textile creations full-time. 

Amy's inspiration comes from nature and mystery and all the little crevices behind trees and in rock crags. It's the awe of space and darkness and things unknown. There are elements of surrealism in her pieces that capture the wonder and beauty of our mysterious surroundings. She is a life-long artist whose repertoire is ever-growing. She draws, paints, sculpts, weaves, and makes art jewelry.

In May of 2022, Amy was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable cancer. She passed away in July of 2022.

She left behind 3 teenage boys (whom she was very proud of), the artwork featured on this site, and dozens of unfinished projects. It was her wish that her family continue to share her art, therefore her website, Instagram, and Facebook art pages all remain.

Thank you for visiting.

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