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Poppies are among the most beautiful flowers with their flowing petals and exotic colors. I was allowed to use this image by Instagram friend, Petra Gjergjaj. She took an amazing photo and I was instantly in love with the contrasting, crisp colors and the vertical lines of the grass among the organic free-flowing poppy. It is just a stunning image!

The shadowbox frame creates depth to allow this painting to feel like the viewer is looking out the window. It's always sunny any time of the year. 

Poppy in Green original shadowbox framed mixed media painting, 12x14"

  • This is an original 12x14" painting made with acrylic paint on canvas accented with hand dyed and hand painted silk (for the poppy).  It's simple elegance and attention to detail will feel and look like you have a piece of the outdoors in your house all year around. This is an original design and painting (not a print!).

    Shadowbox frame is included.

    This image is available for personal use only, commercial and sharing on the Internet is prohibited! All rights reserved. 

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